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Hibiscus & Mango Sparkling Drink - 12-Pack

Hibiscus & Mango Sparkling Drink - 12-Pack

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12-pack of Sparkling Drink

Tropical Hibiscus Mango Sparkling is a mesmerizing blend of exotic flavors harmoniously united in a sparkling symphony of taste. Crafted with precision, this effervescent elixir combines the lush sweetness of ripe mangoes with the floral elegance of hibiscus petals, creating a refreshing beverage that transports your senses to sun-kissed shores and tropical paradises.

At the heart of each sip lies the essence of succulent mangoes, bursting with tropical sunshine and sweet nectar. Complementing this luscious fruitiness is the delicate allure of hibiscus, infusing the drink with a subtle floral aroma and a hint of tangy zest. As the bubbles dance on your tongue, you're enveloped in a whirlwind of flavors – the juicy sweetness of mangoes intertwining with the refreshing tartness of hibiscus, creating a symphony of taste that is both vibrant and invigorating.

The Tropical Hibiscus Mango Sparkle dazzles the eye with its golden hue, reminiscent of a sunset over a tropical horizon. With each effervescent sip, you're transported to a blissful oasis where the cares of the world melt away, replaced by the pure pleasure of indulgence. Whether enjoyed as a standalone refreshment or paired with your favorite culinary delights, this sparkling elixir promises to elevate any occasion with its exotic charm and tantalizing taste.

Savor the essence of the tropics with every sip of the Tropical Hibiscus Mango Sparkle and embark on a sensory journey that delights the palate and nourishes the soul.

Kassumay celebrates our West African roots by bringing you products that embrace the region’s iconic hibiscus. Our Hibiscus Sparkling Drinks are light and refreshing, combining hibiscus's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties with all-natural ingredients.


Hibiscus Extract, Carbonated water, Mango Juice, Light Blue Agave, Mongo Extract.


  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Kosher
  • No artificial flavors
  • No sugar added
  • Vegan
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