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What is the role of exports in the economy?

Exports are fundamental and generate an impact on the economy of a country. However, there is a balance to be found between imports and exports to ensure sustainable growth.

Exporting could mean having the opportunity to create an image of reliability and promote a country's industry to the public of importing countries. An exporting company which generates profits as a result contributes on its own scale to the economic growth of a country.

Some emerging countries are trying to promote financing of their industrial production by increasing exports. A risk occurs when a financial bubble situation is created, and companies can no longer repay their loans.

Exporting is fundamental to acquiring foreign currencies, which upon import can be used to borrow on financial markets.

Kassumay Import

Since 2020 Kassumay has been importing part of its ingredients (hibiscus flowers) from West Africa. This large volume import allows us to reduce production costs by saving on shipping costs. The variety of Hibiscus we use does not grow in the US which forces us to import it and since it is a flower that women from Casamance cultivate we decided to contribute to the development by purchasing our ingredients from women. Although difficult, this importation of products allows us to know the realities and hazards of the import sector and allows us to work continuously on the quality of our products and on cost control.

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Kassumay Export

Kassumay Product Exports refers to the movement of food products that we manufacture here in the USA that we export to other countries. However, this export was done according to the laws and regulations established by law, it is also added that Kassumay exports its products to countries which do not have restrictions or constraints made by the USA, because each third country can set its own requirements for food imported into its country and this trade is often subject to restrictions or may require additional certification.

Kassumay is in a perpetual dynamic of collaborating and working with providing its products to other countries for greater success and accomplished missions.

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