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October 22, 2023

The Best of The Casamance

We grew up eating this fruit spread at home in the Casamance, with this recipe being passed down for generations by the women in our family. It’s based on a traditional recipe known throughout our village, using the fruit that grows naturally in our backyards. Now we’re bringing the best of the Casamance to you in this jar, offering the same rich taste and simple, organic ingredients prepared in the same way we grew up enjoying.

The Recipe

Our fruit spread uses three ingredients- hibiscus flower (Sabdariffa), sugar, and water. The rich color isn’t from additives or coloring but is from the natural concentration of the hibiscus flower- amazing, right? The fruit has natural pectin that creates the right consistency without extra ingredients. We add just a touch of cane sugar to sweeten the tangy taste of the hibiscus.

The Perfect Snack

This recipe has been perfected in our family over generations and brings the delicious tastes of West Africa in a convenient jar. It’s the perfect snack for any time of the day and is an excellent treat for the whole family!

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