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Kassumay Origins

I'm from the green lung of Senegal and was raised as a Diola. We were primarily cultivators of crops such as rice, palm wine, and tubers like cassava, beans, and potatoes. Food self-sufficiency and savings are essential to our Diola tradition. We're an open-minded, egalitarian society with a keen sense of freedom and equality. Kassumay offers wellness and supports empowerment and peace efforts for women in the Casamance region of Senegal. Our mission is to share natural superfood nutrition with the world.

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About Bacary Diatta

Bacary Diatta is a Senegalese immigrant who has more than 10 years of experience in harvesting, treating, and selling produce, including baobab fruit in Senegal. Bacary has worked closely with Senegalese government offices and has learned the fundamentals of project management. He also gained experience in project evaluation through online training with USAID and NGO Measure Evaluation. Bacary aims to bring baobab fruit preserves to American consumers and introduce them to a higher-quality product.

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Meet Bacary with Kassumay